Langston Hughes Odyssey of the Mind Team

Langston Hughes Odyssey of the Mind Team | Pictures | Pictures: Thursday, May 25th, 2006
Langston Hughes Odyssey of the Mind Team
Two Videos
Competition Video
You can see Markell, CTarajah and Mrs. Apisa in the competition.
Mrs. Apisa interview
Korean Reporters
All the children are having a wonderful time here in Iowa. Yesterday was the opening ceremonies and there were teams from Germany, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Canada, Singapure, etc. CTarajah Burns (fifth grade- Ms. Clifton Class) particpated in the parade representing the New Jersey teams. All the children met new friends in this activitiy. In fact, they are now in the lobby trading pins with the other students from other countries and states. Today at 2:00 pm students will do the spontaneous part of the competition where they will have to create a response to a given problem. The Geometry Structure Competition will be tomorrow (Friday) about 2:03 pm.

Greetings from:
Lakiesha Knibb
Markel Mistrey
Aiyonnah Gibson
CTarajah Burns
Daijon Smith
Jude Saint-Jean
Jennifer Charles
Mrs. Apisa
Mrs. Arias
Mrs. Coles
Mrs. Knibb

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